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EverGlow® photoluminescent products were the first approved under the German DIN 67510 (Part 4), and far exceeds the minimum level of performance, and all other national and international standards. EverGlow® markings are used for interior and exterior; on ships and oil platforms, and in aviation. EverGlow® products exceed IMO minimums and are listed with Lloyds for use on ships.

REALLY NEW. The EverGlow® products are derived from new chemistry, manufacturing techniques, and product construction. The selected rare earth pigments used are not radioactive and are processed to maximize performance with minimum cost. The result is the BRIGHTEST, LONGEST GLOWING, LONGEST LIFETIME, MOST DURABLE photoluminescent markings ever.

BRIGHTEST: EverGlow Hi® markings are offered in grade 150, grade 300, and grade 600. The number refers to the luminance after standard charging for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes of discharge. Old technologies typically rate at 17. EverGlow Hi® is 150, and can be up to 600, or 35 times brighter.

LONGEST GLOWING: EverGlow Hi® grade 150 is visible for 35 hours, grade 300 for 68 hours, and grade 600 for over 100 hours. This is based upon reaching a chosen low level of 0.3 millicandelas/square meter, or 100 times more that the human eye can see. Any sighted person with eyes adjusted to the darkness will see the marking after the elapsed time listed.

LONGEST LIFETIME: Unlike previous zinc sulfide technologies that fail to perform in as little as six months to four years, EverGlow® markings have limitless recharge cycles and expected indoor service life exceeding 25 years. EverGlow E® markings are designed for OUTDOOR USE with a 5 year limited warranty. No other products are usable outdoors for any reasonable length of time.

DURABLE: Most EverGlow® markings are directly printed on aluminum or fiberglass to overcome the shrinking and peeling found in other photoluminescent products. Thin materials are used for floor markings, medium for signage, and thick for outdoor markings and for difficult locations. Other materials, like thin adhesive films are used for special applications where conformability is important.

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