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Find out why EverGlow® safety markings are the highest quality photoluminescent safety signage available and why it is already heavily used in Europe.

Could you escape?

Do you think that your existing safety signage is sufficient? There is probably more that reasonably can be done to ensure customer and employee safety, and EverGlow® photoluminescent from AddLight can be part of that solution.

Are Photoluminescent Evacuation Markings Effective?

An Objective Canadian study conducted during an evacuation drill in a large office building rates Photoluminescent Way Guidance as effective and reliable for enhancing occupant movement during evacuation. It is noted that the photoluminescent markings would be helpful even in smoke conditions when traditional high level markings and signs become ineffective.

This study is available here with permission of the Institute for Research in Construction, National Research Council of Canada, co-sponsors of the study along with Jalite Plc, UK. We appreciate their willingness to share this information.

NOTE: Since the study was conducted, new technology high intensity photoluminescent markings like EverGlow Hi® have become available which are 10 to 20 times brighter. We speculate that the very favorable findings of the study would become a strong endorsement for photoluminescent guidance systems had high intensity materials been available for the study.

Download the report. (527k, requires Acrobat Reader)    Get Acrobat Reader

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